We at Alphonso Agri Resorts wish to make your outing / stay as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. We request you to please follow our rules and regulations mentioned below. We will do our best to remedy problems or concerns you may have. If at any time you feel that something is not right, please feel free to contact the Manager.

Below are the terms and conditions , Please read them carefully.

Registration : All registered Guests should produce Valid government ID mandatory during Check-In. The person booking and staying should be above 21 years of age , children to be accompanied by an adult at all times in the property . All facilities to be used only between check in and check out timings as per reservations.
We take care of Health Protection. Children aged 12 years and above will be charged at adult rates.
We try to keep our environment as clean as possible. Kindly do your part by throwing all trash in the designated trash bins.
CANCELLATIONS: An advance once paid will NOT be refunded under any circumstances after 48 hours before check in time. There are no adjustments for late arrivals or early departures. In the event of “No Shows” the customer will be charged the full amount of the reserved time.
RIGHT CONDUCT: We reserve the right to evict/eject any guest or group of guests should we find them engaging in fights, under the influence of illegal drugs, or generally disrupting the peace at the Resort.
BREAKAGES / LOST Items: Any breakages / lost items related to the resort caused by guest occupants during their stay will be charged to their personal accountability and will be settled in full upon check-out. The amount to be charged is based on the price acquisition of such item(s) or the actual quote.
LIABILITY: The management assumes no responsibility for accidents, injuries, or loss of property including theft, fire, flood, wind, or any act of God that may occur within the Resort.
Swimming costume compulsory. Nylon / polyester materials acceptable.
Storing of Hazardous goods in the room or resort property is strictly prohibited.
Outdoors are monitored/recorded by CCTV cameras for security reasons.
ILLEGAL ACTIVITY: Alphonso Agri Resort will not permit illegal activity anywhere on the property, management and staff will assist the police in every possible way (including testifying) to convict anyone performing illegal acts or engaging in illegal activity within the premises.
ADVENTURE ACTIVITIES : Declaration form to be signed before taking part in the adventure activities at the adventure registration counter. We would like to inform you there may be a factor of risk involved therefore ride at your own risk , Please note in case of any accidents Alphonso Agri Resorts in not liable as you are taking part in the activities at your own will. If you posses any psychological or physical or medical limitation , or not willing to assume risk, or not confidant, or not accepting the difficulty of adventure activities , or under the influence of alcohol , please do NOT take part in the adventure activities.
Photographs shot by our in-house photographer in the public areas , customers reviews may be shared on social media or website.
Since the resort is designed considering minimal modification of the natural landscape and nature by keeping it rustic and original we request you to be careful on the uneven areas.
If allergic to any kind of food or drink, Please check with the managers before consumption if doubtful.