Destination Wedding

Are you planning a destination wedding away from the city? Do you want to exchange garlands in a breath-taking environment? You have come to the right place. Alphonso Agri Resort is a perfect destination wedding venue in Haveri. It is designed for the folks interested in hosting their special day amidst lush greeneries. The venue’s ambience will take you back to the good old days with no hustles and bustles of the city life.

Our environment rich resort comprising thousands of trees provides a serene touch to your destination theme. The calmness surrounding you will ease the wedding jitters and makes you feel contented. This majestic 18 acres of land is also an added advantage for wedding photographers who can seamlessly capture beautiful pictures of couples holding hands together.  

The Alphonso Resort Experience

We provide all wedding-related services under a single roof. Our professional team will help you in customizing the outdoor wedding infrastructure based on your specific requirements.

Our in-house culinary team will prepare some of the delicious and authentic delicacies for your wedding day. So, you do not have to fret about anything while enjoying your special moment.

Based on the request, we also arrange a wide array of activities in our resort. You can indulge yourself in such activities with a level of comfort you can’t think of anywhere else. Moreover, we have sufficient space to host all your guests. Our open-air wedding lawn can comfortably accommodate more than 200 people at once. So, do not make this day just about yourself. Invite all your relatives, friends, and co-workers and celebrate this joyous day along with them.

Don’t forget to book your big day with us. We are always happy to welcome you to our cherished land You can enjoy your special occasion and also take away treasure of memories with you.