Alphonso Agri’s environment opulent resort provides guests with many recreational sports. With several activities to choose from, guests of all ages can surely find something to enjoy here.


Stay lively on lazy days with our exciting indoor game facilities. We have made various indoor games accessible for free inside the resort 24 hours a day. This dedicated play area is the perfect place for the guests to keep themselves engaged with various fun-filled activities. Carom, ludo, chess, and other board games are available, just ask the concierge for more information about it. Showcase your talent and also strengthen your bond with the family by making use of this service.


Other than exploring nature or discovering different trees in and around the place, the active guests may sometimes prefer to be challenged with certain outdoor games. We provide sufficient place as well as necessary equipments to play sports such as tennis, badminton, archery, and net cricket. We have also got bicycles for the kids which they can ride and have fun while you enjoy playing other sports.


We make it possible for you to learn numerous activities while enjoying at the same time. If you are interested to learn some forgotten Indian traditional chores, you are at the right place. Come to our resort, and we will teach you nursery rearing, cow rearing, beekeeping, horticulture, arts & culture, agriculture, and animal husbandry. If you love pets, this is your turn to learn dog rearing as well.


Have you ever tried fishing? If not, we have built a fish pool from rainwater harvesting where you can spend some quality time fishing. Adventurers looking to do something different can enjoy the fishing activity in our resort. Amateurs and passionate people are welcome to try this experience, which we promise to be amazing. We provide all the required tools to make your activity both educational and interesting.


Be a yogi in the midst of plant life. If you are a fitness freak and worried about missing a gym for a day or two, worry not. We provide yoga classes to maintain your physical and mental wellbeing. Both the beginners and experts can participate in this yoga retreat. Our experienced teachers can teach you various mindful practices. The peaceful surroundings of our resort naturally compliment your pursuit of enlightenment.


Enjoy a dip in our massive greeneries, or take yourself on an adventure by availing the trekking option. You will have the immense opportunity to see various medicinal plants and trees that are not visible in the metropolitan city. 15 acres of land surrounded by greens, we bet you will never find these many varieties of plants at any other place. Banavasi, Jog falls, Gokarna, Magadad lake, Durgadevi temple, and Tungabhadra river are some must-visit places nearby this resort. Also, you can find the birthplace of prominent figures of Karnataka such as Sarvajna and Akkamahadevi on the way.

A spacious resort capable of accommodating around 1000 people is the best place to refresh yourself from the dust and din of the busy city.

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