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Alphonso Agri Resort

Our Eco-Friendly Resort

Dive Deep into the Pool of Greeneries

We welcome you to this world of serenity. Indulge yourself in various activities this holiday season and break free from tiresome busy life. This place is ideal for couples, friends, and families seeking a quiet little time with the gurgle of the romping foliage and the chatter of the birds around. Come to Alphonso Agri Resort and experience a whole new level of freshness now.

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Independent House

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Duplex House

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Single Room

Our Services

Apart from providing various indoor & outdoor games for our guests to relax, we also offer several other services that makes your stay easier at our resort.

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Free wifi
Connect yourself to the world 24/7 by using our free Wi-Fi service. Ask for the login details during check-ins.
Complimentary Breakfast
Begin your day with our complimentary north Karnataka breakfast such as mandakki, avalakki, and other.
Hot Water
Hot water is made available 24/7. Self-sustainable and eco-friendly material are used to heat the water.

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